Shelton for Prairie Village City Council

Vote Nov. 2nd for
Gregory Shelton and
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Our campaign is dedicated to building on the legacy of success and prosperity Prairie Village has offered residents for generations. Sustaining this legacy requires us to be forward-looking and innovative, so our City continues to thrive.

About Greg

Greg is a proven leader that has been involved with local government for the past several years. This coupled with his professional experience in the engineering and construction industry make him uniquely qualified to serve on City Council.

Greg and his wife Kim made Prairie Village their home in 2012, shortly after the birth of their first child. As a native of Prairie Village, this was a homecoming for Kim. And, soon after settling into their new home, Greg began to seek out new ways to support the community. His involvement with child advocacy centers lead him to the Sunflower House where he became a board member in 2017 and continues to be a staunch advocate for the Sunflower House’s work to support children and their families dealing with the trauma of abuse.

Greg’s community advocacy has opened several new opportunities, and most recently he was appointed to the Johnson County Charter Commission. This select group of citizens works for a year evaluating the County’s charter to assess how our government could and should work more efficiently for residents.

In addition to his volunteerism, Greg has more than 20 years of experience as a marketing and communication professional, with more than half of this experience leading sales and marketing teams in the engineering and construction industry. This experience has shown him the importance infrastructure has on the quality of life for communities large and small. This firsthand knowledge of planning, development, engineering and construction will be an important perspective as the City Council considers infrastructure investments over the next four years.

Greg’s business experience extends beyond his full time job. He has partnered with several friends and associates over the years to invest in start-ups throughout the KC Metro area. From a distillery to industrial grade hardware, these local businesses are proving innovative technologies and ideas are thriving in our area, and Greg will bring this keen eye for growth to Prairie Village’s City Council as the local economy begins to build back from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Greg also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of Missouri and a Masters of Business Administration from Rockhurst University’s Helzberg School of Management.

As Your City Councilor I’ll Advocate For:

Improved Quality of Life Through Infrastructure

Through my work in the engineering and construction industry, I see firsthand how the demands on infrastructure systems around the world continue to evolve. I’m eager to put this experience to work for you with other Council members and the Public Works staff. Our objective will be to prioritize projects that lower operating costs and increase overall quality of life for everyone in Prairie Village through planned maintenance and modernization of our City’s core infrastructure (e.g. roads, sidewalks, facilities, and fleet vehicles). It’s this practical, pragmatic perspective that will ensure Ward 5 and Prairie Village are built for the future.

Community Development

I believe in sustaining the character of our neighborhoods as we evaluate economic development partners to ensure Prairie Village continues to be one of the most coveted places to call home in the KC metro area. This means Prairie Village is a well developed community that is in high demand with home buyers, developers, and business owners. The use of tax incentives should be strategic, and have clear goals and expectations for our commercial and residential development partners.

Also, as our property values continue to increase due to rising demand in the housing market, it is important we consider the issues related to attainable housing in the context of the community being discussed. After reading the United Community Services of Johnson County’s, “Housing for All Toolkit,” I found some specific opportunities where we can address concerns related to attainable housing in Prairie Village. The three things I am eager to work on with City staff and the Council in this area are: preserving and rehabilitating our existing housing stock, reducing overall household expenses so housing is more affordable, and improving or updating our building and permitting codes to support sustainability and affordability for existing housing types in Ward 5 and throughout Prairie Village.

Public Safety

Protecting and preserving public health and safety is one of the most solemn duties of any elected official. And Prairie Village is so fortunate to have one of the finest police departments in the entire Kansas City metro. A little more than 40% of our City’s budget goes to fund our City’s police department and I am fully committed to seeing that level of funding continue now and in the future. Likewise, my experience on the Johnson County Charter Commission has shown me there are opportunities to further support our police force with tools, training and other support services from County, State, and Federal programs.

Fiscal Discipline & Sustainable Choices

As your City Councilor I will take the responsibility of stewarding our public funds very seriously. This means taking a disciplined approach that preserves and protects funding for our City’s financial obligations to our community, staff and police officers by minimizing the risk profile of our investments, bonding, and borrowing capacity. 

Similarly, I will apply principles of sustainability to our budgeting process, like those outlined in Climate Action KC’s playbook, to maximize the potential for triple bottom line results (people + profit + planet) in our community and making greater contributions to our region’s decarbonization efforts.

How You Can Help

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